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The Danube Delta is waiting for you!

Fishing, relaxing, resting, sun bathing, swimmingpool, Jacuzzi, motor boating and many others….

Our guesthouse is offering you:


The Island “Nada Apelor” invites you to spend wonderful moments of relaxing, resting and recreation in our wild nature oasis of Danube Delta. We accommodate you in villas with comfort where the fishermen can have many places, around 2 acres around the villas. After a few days here we guarantee, you’ll leave with recharged batteries and with the wish of coming back soon, but be careful you can become addicted!

Motorboat tours into the Danube Delta and around us.

With our boats you can have unforgettable trips admiring beautiful rare landscapes, one day before the trip you can settle the circuit with the manager of the guesthouse.

Short trips by boat

The short trips are made by small motorboat of 10/25 HP for 2-4 hours and you admire the spectacular nature or/and fishing on the channels, to the lakes.

Long trips by boat

For the long trips we propose the bigger motorboats of 6-8 seats which are speed boats of 50/150 HP and during the 4-6 hours you can visit very far sites which are well-known as specific and unique in Europe. You can visit the town Sulina where the Danube drains into the Black Sea, here it is the famous cemetery many confessional from Europolis, the city Porto-Franco and others villages with wild forests.

Here are a lot of lakes and many channels.