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The fresh fish from the Danube Delta has a better taste….
Our chef is experienced in the Romanian traditional dishes and of course fish dishes, specific for the area, from different people who live on these lands. We hope we can satisfy all the tastes.
We always start the meal with an appetizer which goes well with our traditional brandy or vodka, which is “strongly recommended” when you come from the fishing.


  • Mackerel baked or grilled
  • Solted fish – smoked
  • Fisherman borsch
  • Malasolca
  • Soup with fish balls
  • Fried bleak
  • Fried Danube fish
  • Fish Balls
  • Carp on stick
  • Carp in the oven

We know there are persons who are not so found of fish or are not used to eat the same we do (many chaged their tastes after the visit here), for these persons we can cook the traditional Romanian dishes, depending on the season, like:
– Eggs bean;
– Eggplant salad;
– Bulgarian salad;
– Smoked meat, cheese, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper.
Soups, Borsch:
– Smoked pork bone with bean;
– Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, hen, duck soups and borsch.
Hot appetizer:
– Cheese with polenta;
– Minced lamb;
– Wieners;
-Chicken leaver
Main dish:
– Pork, chicken, beef grilled, fried with potatoes, bean, tomatoes.
For big groups, on request, we can make barbeque, after we’ll prepare the lamb or he-goat, the guests will  stay around the fire and take care of it..